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Multifunction Power Meters
( SPM33 )


Suit for low-voltage distribution system below AC 400V (L-N)
RS485/Modbus communication to conduct group network management and achieve automatic control
Large dot matrix LCD.
Class 0.5s and class 1 accuracy in kWh(optional)
2 channel active status input (standard)
Alarm setpoint (standard)
Up to 31st harmonic analysis, K factor, THD (standard)
Bar chart display of current and voltage harmonics


Basic function
display real-time parameters:
Voltage〞Ua, Ub, Uc, Uab, Ubc,  Uca,
Voltage unbalance rate 每 UL-L unbal, UL-N unbal
Current〞Ia, Ib, Ic, In
Current unbalance rate 每I unbal
Active power 每 Pa, Pb, Pc, ﹉P
Reactive power 每Qa, Qb, Qc, ﹉Q 
Apparent power〞Sa, Sb,Sc, ﹉S
Power factor〞PFa, PFb, PFc, ﹉PF
Active energy〞kWh  
Reactive energy每 kvarh 
Demand and Max. record for I, P
2 DI, RS485


Optional function
2 relay outputs (optional)



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