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E-Power Technology is aiming towards two important goals:

(1) Focus on outstanding electrical measurement/metering products world wide to expend their market worldwide.
(2) Help customs reduce their cost through our excellent R&D department and experience manufacturing engineers in China. 

We are able to count on the well-established sales, marketing, and customer support infrastructure that our close partners in China have built over the years. Needless to say, China is a highly profitable market due to its enormous size. We have gathered first hand market intelligence indicating that a strong demand exists for differentiated high-quality goods from the US and Canada. Our first goal is to help North American businesses take advantage of this opportunity.

Proven distribution channels to increase profit via revenue growth and follow-through with equally strong customer support services- why not let us help you?

E-Power Technology can also help you increase profits by reducing product manufacturing costs- customized quality goods at competitive prices.

We are currently helping organizations for many Fortune 500 companies. We develop prototype for their new products with short time and very low cost. Potential relationships include: OEM, ODM, systems integration, private label, distributor, etc...

Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from our core competencies in sales & marketing, developing  and manufacturing -


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