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Low voltage motor protection and control device
ECM800 low voltage motor protection and control device is designed for protecting the low voltage motors from various fault conditions. It is an intelligent unit with high cost-effective and stability. It integrates relay protection, measurement, control and communication all in one,
ECM800 samples the 3- phase current, 3-phase vo...
Intelligent motor protection and control device
ECM801 Intelligent Motor Protection and Control Device is designed on the basis of ECM800. It is applied to 3-phase AC asynchronous motors (380V or 660V).
This intelligent device can replace many decentralized units such as contactors, circuit breakers etc. Besides, its pluggable terminals and standard DIN rail installation saves ...
Three-phase digital panel meter
The ECM603 series three-phase digital panel meters are suit for 220V (L-N)/ 380V (L-L) low voltage system.
The ECM603H is suit for up to 35 kV system. (input voltage is 57.7/100V).
ECM603 and ECM603H are designed for monitoring and displaying electric parameters include voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequen...
Single Phase Capacitor
SPC Single Phase Capacitor is made of most advanced and developed metallized polypropylene film with low loss, self healing feature. The windings are placed in a cylindrical aluminum can and filled with and advanced polyurethane resin of great heat dissipation properties. The protection unit inside the capacitor provides overcurrent, over-t...
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