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Multifunction power meter
( ECM725 )



The ECM725 three-phase multifunction measuring meter is compact designed device for monitoring and displaying electric parameters include voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, active energy and reactive energy.
Additional, ECM725 provide one RS485 serial (or optional Profibus) to link with PLC, PCs, and SCADA system etc.
The device is user-configurable enable users to add extendable DI/DO modules. And the auxiliary functions (SOE, harmonic analysis, 4-20mA analog output) are so powerful enough to satisfy different applications.



  • Large LCD screen, high brightness
  • Compact design with real-time measurements
  • Accuracy of typical measurement up to 0.1%
  • External CT and PT programmable
  • Demand calculation and maximum recording
  • Maximum and minimum of instant measurement
  • Revisable fixed value alarm and relay function
  • Build-in clock and optional SOE function
  • Up to 31st harmonic for voltage and current, THD and K factor for current
  • 4-20mA analog output
  • RS485 communication/ MODBUS protocol
  • Optional Profibus module


Performance Index

  • Standard: DLT721-2000, IEC61000-4
  • Power supply input: 85~265VAC/ 45~65Hz, 100~ 300VDC
  • Power loss3VA
  • Power frequency withstand voltage: AC2kV/ min. ~1mA Input--Output--Power
  • Insulation resistance 50M
  • Impulse withstand voltage: 5kV (peak), 1.2/50uS
  • Input range:
    Current: AC 0~5A
    Voltage: 0~220VAC
    Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Overload capability:120% of rated voltage or current
  • Status input: up to 8 routes, provide internal 30VDC power supply
  • Relay output: up to 4 routes, node capacity is 220VAC/5A, or 30VDC/5A
  • Harmonic analysis: 31st odd component for voltage/current, THD, K factor
  • Communication: RS485 port/ MODBUS protocol, optional PROFIBUS-DP module
  • Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test: IEC61000-4-4, Level 4
  • Surge immunity test: IEC61000-4-5, Level-3
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test: IEC61000-4-2, Level 4
  • Operating temperature: -20~ 70
  • Storage temperature: -40~85
  • Humidity: 5~95%, non-condensing

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