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Single-phase digital panel meter
( ECM601 )


The ECM601 series single-phase digital panel meters are suit for 220V (L-N)/ 380V (L-L) low voltage system.
The device is designed for monitoring and displaying electric parameters include voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active energy.



  • Sampling AC data in single phase system, transport data via RS485 communication
  • High brightness LED panel for local operation
  • Optional single parameter measure or integrated measure
  • External CT programmable
  • RS485 communication/ MODBUS protocol


Performance Index

  • Standard: DLT721-2000, IEC61000-4
  • Accuracy:
    Voltage: 0.5%
    Current: 0.5%
    Power: 1.0%
    Active energy: class 1
  • Power loss2VA
  • Power frequency withstand voltage: AC2kV/ min. ~1mA Input--Output--Power
  • Insulation resistance 50M
  • Impulse withstand voltage: kV (peak), 1.2/50uS
  • Input range:
    Current: AC 0~5A
    Voltage: 0~220VAC
    Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Overload capability: 120% of rated current or voltage
  • Communication:
    RS485 port/ MODBUS protocol
    Baud rate: 4800/ 9600bps
    Address: 1~ 247
  • Analog output load resistance:400
  • Relay output: 250VAC/5A, 30VDC/5A
  • Status input: external power supply
  • Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test: IEC61000-4-4, Level 4
  • Surge immunity test: IEC61000-4-5, Level-3
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test: IEC61000-4-2, Level 3
  • Operating temperature: -40~ 70
  • Storage temperature: -50~85
  • Humidity: 5~95%, non-condensing

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