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Branch Circuit Power Meter
( ECM201 )

ECM201 monitors 21, 42, or 63 branch circuits (can update to 84 or more) and set up a small system, which provide information and displayed directly on the screen. The alarming capabilities can make those potential problems be dealt in time.    


  • Small size, one unit can monitor total 65 circuits
  • Saving cost, saving space ØHigh reliability
  • Module design: Main module, CT module,  DI module, HMI
  • It can monitor harmonic, demand, neutral current
  • CT measuring accuracy: Class 0.2
  • Two kind of alarm methods: Voice and LED
  • Memory: 128M      


  • 2 main circuits and Max. 63 branch circuits electrical parameters measuring and analysis
  • DI/DO status monitoring
  • Two lever alarm information for U, I abnormal
  • Power load analysis monitoring and pre-alarm
  • Standard 7ĄŻĄŻ HMI display data and schematic wiring, easy to operate
  • Select strip 1,  2 or 3 CT based on branch circuits
  • Event log: Record Max. 5000 events
  • Support RS485, MODBUS communication port.      


  • 2 main circuits monitoring  
    Include: U, I, P, PF, F, kWh, Demand, Harmonic, Current unbalance
  • Max. 3 strips CT, Max. 63 branch circuits monitoring             
    Include: I, P, PF, kWh, Demand

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