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Single Phase Capacitor
( SPC Single Phase Capacitor )


SPC Single Phase Capacitor is made of most advanced and developed metallized polypropylene film with low loss, self healing feature. The windings are placed in a cylindrical aluminum can and filled with and advanced polyurethane resin of great heat dissipation properties. The protection unit inside the capacitor provides overcurrent, over-temperature and over-pressure protection.


Dry capacitor, encapsulate polyurethance Resin. No risk of oil or gas leakage.
A triple protection of vercurrent, over-temperature and over-pressure.
Metallized case, good heat dissipation

Performance Index

Dielectric:  Metallized polypropylene film
Disconnection system: Over-pressure
Temperature range: Class D, -25 ~+ 55
Capacitance tolerance: -5% ~ +5%
Dielectric losses: 0.3 W/Kvar (include discharge resistor)
Overvoltage capability: 1.1 Un for long-term
Overcurrent capability: 1.5 In for long-term
Discharge resistor: Less than 50V within one minute
Useful life: 150000 hours
Cover: Aluminous cylinder cover


 Model Description Dimension D x H (mm)
 SPC-0.83/230/1P single phase capacitor  0.83KVAR, 230V, 50HZ

 70 x 40

 SPC-1.67/230/1P single phase capacitor  1.67KVAR, 230V, 50HZ

 70 x 40

 SPC-2.5/230/1P single phase capacitor  2.5KVAR, 230V, 50HZ

 70 x 40

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