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Branch Circuit Power Meter
( ECM202 )





ECM202 Branch Circuit Power Meter is specially designed for monitoring Power supply distribution cabinet in data center, which can monitor incoming circuit and outgoing circuit parameters, DI/DO status, fulfill monitoring for power supply distribution cabinet and alarming for abnormal voltage and current information. 7 inch HMI with system chart display which can best fulfill visuality and operability, customer can choose 21st 每 168st (Unit: 21st) outgoing circuit by load quantity. This ECM202 also provide extra communication port which can easily connect with other systems.


1. Load management
2. Data Center
3. Telecommunication


1. Measuring: 1 main circuit  +  42  branch circuits
2. DI/DO: 4 status inputs (dry contact) , 2 relay outputs, 1 pulse output
3. Settable Pre-Alarm function: Main circuit:  Alarm for voltage, current, current    unbalance (optional alarm for leakage current/ temperature alarm) Branch circuit: Alarm for current  (lo-lo-limit, lo-limit, hi-limit, hi-hi-limit)
4. Communication:  RS485,  support Modbus-RTU protocol
5. Phase sequence of branch circuit is programmable
6. Optional CT input for branch circuit:  50A, 100A, 200A
7. Settable wiring for branch circuit:  Either single phase or 3 phase
8. Historical kWh record:  kWh yearly consumption of last 10 years, 
                                      kWh monthly consumption of last 12 months    

Main circuit measuring:


Voltage-Ua, Ub, Uc                                        ( 0.5% )
Current--Ia, Ib, Ic, In, I unbal, Max. I             ( 0.5% )
Active power每 Pa, Pb, Pc, ﹉P                         ( 1.0% )
Reactive power 每 Qa, Qb, Qc, ﹉Q                  ( 2.0% )
Power factor 每 PF                                           ( 1.0% )
Frequency 每 F                                                 (㊣0.01Hz)
Active energy 每 kWh                                      ( 1.0% )
Reactive energy 每 kvarh                                 ( 2.0% )
Demand  (for 3I, 3P, Ptot) and Max. demand
THD for U, I                                                     ( 2~31st)
Leakage current (optional)                             ( 0.5% )
Temperature (optional)                                  ( 0~120*C)

Branch circuit measuring:
Current--I, Max. I,                                       ( 0.5% )
Active power- -P,                                         ( 1.0% )       
Reactive power--Q,                                     ( 1.0% )
Power factor-- PF                                        ( 1.0% )
Active energy--kWh,                                    ( 1.0% )
Reactive energy--kvarh,                              ( 2.0% )
Demand  (for  I, P) and Max. demand
THD for I 


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