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Multifunction Power Meter
( ECM770 )


Suit for LV/ HV voltage system             
For low voltage system, ECM770 direct connect up to 600VAC             
For high voltage system, ECM770 need to connect with PTs, PT ratio programmable 

New appearance and design            
Large LCD display and button, replace AI capacitor by Tam capacitor

Self-testing phase sequence error
In case of error phase sequence input, ECM770 will display on LCD

Real-time measurement          
True-RMS measuring parameters includes:  
U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F, kWh, kvarh, kVAh,  demand, max./min. value

Demand calculation mode is programmable             
2 kinds of demand modes: fixed mode and slip mode             
Demand cycle programmable: 5/ 10/ 15/ 30/  60mins             
Slip window programmable: 1/ 2/ 3 mins

Multi-tariff billing, historical data of 31 days and 12 months             
2 kinds of setting modes: time zone mode and holiday mode             
Time zone mode: 2 time zones in one year             
Holiday mode: working days ( Mon.- Fri.) and holidays ( Sat.- Sun.)  
There are 2 lists of tariff rate, each list can setup 8 periods of time in 24 hours, 4 tariff rates.

Power quality analysis
Harmonic analysis, crest and K factor, unbalance etc.          

Optional module and upgradeable           
Pluggable in option module, support online upgrade

Setpoint alarm
Under/ over limit alarm, monitoring objects include: U, I, PF, F, THD, unbalance              
If any parameters is over or under limit and persists over the specified time, ECM770 will record  the event, and trip relay output signal.

High accuracy
Active energy:  according to IEC62053-22, class 0.5s            
Reactive energy: according to IEC62053-23, class 2

Small size and thin style
Panel: 96x96x13.5mm      Cut-out: 90x90mm,             
Depth: 45.1mm (basic unit) + 21.5mm (optional module)       

IEC62053-22/ 23, CE. KEMA 


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